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We are a FAMILY, not a Franchise.
We have Canine Trainers!! 

Kova & Aura

Kova and Aura are our Canine Trainers! They are full of energy and ready to help you enjoy your time in the gym. There are many benefits of having gym dogs and we, at CFF, are taking advantage of those benefits for all our members.  The positive impact that Canine Trainers have on health include:

  • Ease anxiety

  • Reduce stress, which can help you train harder

  • Helps you to relax, which can release endorphins that have a calming effect

With our Canine Trainers bringing positive energy into our gym, you can ensure that your time here will be very beneficial. Come on in and meet our friendly gym dogs and let them help you get the most our of your training.

NOTE: Our gym dogs are clean, well trained, and up-to-date with shots. Kova & Aura are very gentle and kind. If you are not comfortable or have allergies, please alert our staff and we will certainly accommodate your concerns.

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